The cradle of German democracy

Hambach Castle


The Hambach Festival is what makes Hambach Castle a unique and authentic symbol, a site of historical significance that bears witness to the evolution of democracy in Germany and in Europe. On 27 May 1832 around 30,000 people from Germany, France and Poland gathered at Hambach Castle to celebrate the Hambach Festival. They spoke out for freedom of speech, freedom of the press, liberty, equal rights for men and women, tolerance, democracy and unity in Germany and in Europe.

The exhibition „Up, up to the castle!“ vividly shows why Hambach Castle is considered the cradle of German democracy. The events surrounding the Hambach Festival of May 27, 1832 are conveyed with the help of exhibits, hands-on stations, and opportunities for in-depth study. The regional roots of the festival become just as clear as its national and European dimension. The second part of the exhibition traces the events from 1832 to the present day. Under the motto „Show your colors!“ a large number of interactive stations invite visitors to participate, vote, comment and test their own courage.