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The workshop includes a tour through the castle and the exhibit as well as a practical seminar part.

The following topics are available to choose from:

The Political Songs Then and Now

In the eventful times of the Vormärz (pre-March) and the 1848–1849 Revolution, many political songs emerged. They tell of the struggle for democracy, freedom of speech, and self-determination. Political thoughts of the time were also spread by songs, and thanks to these, we can “listen to” history. What about today? Are there still political songs? Together, we have a try at some texts on current topics.

Europe—From Vision to Reality

The thoughts of the participants of the Hambach Festival not only circled around the national unity of Germany, but also went beyond that and demanded an allied Europe. The impetus that started the Hambach Festival can encourage us to develop new ideas for Europe and to discuss them together.

The National Concept of the Hambach Festival Right up to Today—Proud to be a German?

One of the most important demands of the Hambach Festival was national unity. However, what does the concept of thinking in national terms mean in today’s day and age? Having the courage to voice one’ own opinion openly, engaging in respectful discussions with others, and exchanging arguments—that all happened at the Hambach Festival and also happens in this exciting workshop.

The Caricature—Art as a Political Medium Then and Now

We all are familiar with cartoons and caricatures that make us smile or even laugh. But a caricature can do much more than that. It aims to have an impact and prompt people to think. Together, we try to decode historical and contemporary caricatures. While the students create their own caricature, current topics are dealt with in a creative way.

Dr. Philipp Jakob Siebenpfeiffer—A Freedom Fighter

The focus of the workshop is on a man who is jointly responsible for the first step en route toward unity and freedom, namely Dr. Siebenpfeiffer, the main initiator of the Hambach Festival. Who was this man and what was his life like? We slip into the role of Dr. Siebenpfeiffer and in a passionate speech, we call for the demands that also impact and move our own lifeworld.

Anmeldung: zeitreisen@hambacher-schloss.de

Duration Pfeil nach rechts zeigend 120 minutes
Cost in German (plus castle admission per person) Pfeil nach rechts zeigend 120,00 €