Discover and Linger

Castle Garden

In the castle’s garden, there is lots to discover. The path of ruins along the outer ring wall and the chapel path up to the castle invite visitors to stroll. Along the way, exciting remnants of times gone by, such as the layout of Michael’s Chapel and the romantic North Tower, tell of the history of the Middle Ages. Ground markings made from Leistadter sandstone trace the layout of historical buildings, adding to the ruins and remains of the walls, providing an impression of the medieval fortress.

The Mediterranean-like panorama terrace offers a magnificent view of the expansive Rhine Valley and is a place to linger and relax.


© Daniel Vieser

Behrendt und Rausch Fotografie

© Hambacher Schloss

Behrendt und Rausch Fotografie

© Stephan Baumann

Behrendt und Rausch Fotografie
Behrendt und Rausch Fotografie
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